Sexual needs and performance can change with age. Illness and medication can also affect your ability to enjoy sex. For women vaginal dryness can make sex uncomfortable, and for men impotence might become a concern. It might take longer to get an erection, and erections might not be as firm as they used to be.

What you can do to Enhance Sexuality
  • Share – it is very important to discuss needs and concerns with your partner
  • Physical intimacy without intercourse maybe an option
  • Experiment with different sexual activities
  • Regular physical activity – at least half hour daily
    • Releases sexual hormones
    • Increases blood circulation
    • Improves cardiovascular health
    • Enhances flexibility
    • Increases positive self-image
    • Lifts Mood

Talking to your doctor about your and wellness concerns is always a great way to find solutions to your problems.  Your doctor might offer specific treatment suggestions — such as estrogen cream for vaginal dryness or oral medication for erectile dysfunction.

The aging process cannot be stopped but the decision is yours to maintain an active life, to do the things you enjoy, and spend time with loved ones, regardless of whatever ailment or impairment you may be experiencing.

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